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PF web Galaxy

Mises à jour de l'instance PFEM-Galaxy :

  • 04-03-2014 : New release 0.5 for PFEM workflows:
    • HR2, HMDB and LipidMaps have same output format
    • Important issue was fixed in ACP module
    • Normalization VdK/Lowess becomes batch_correction module
    • A work on used controled vocabulary was done.
    • XCMS 3.0 with its 6 functions is online in Extraction section.
    • A beta version of "GetData::create_Library" for big datasets is tested.
  • 28-01-2014: New release 0.4 for Workflow4Metabo:
    • Release of Galaxy (19 dec 2013 version + v117)
    • «HR2» has a new help
    • «Filter, Normalization VdK/Lowess, Determine VdK or Lowess, ACP» have same inputs and a new help.
    •  «HMDB online queries» has a more friendly output (HTML)
    • «ANOVA 1W and Hierarchical Clustering» tools are now available in the Statistics Analysis section.
    • «PCA (package FactoMineR)» tools are now available in the Quality Control section.
  • 11-12-2013 Ready for Workflow4Metabo release V0.3 with...
    • «PCA and Normalization VdK/Lowess» are released.
    • Adding a filter tool called «Filter» in Data Correction section.
    • «HMDB online queries» is now available in Identification/Banks Queries.
    • «LipidMaps online queries» is ready in Identification/Banks Queries.
    • A beta release of «BankWS» permitting to search on MassBank, KEGG, ChemSpider is available in Identification/Banks.
  • 28-10-2013Ready for Workflow4Metabo release V0.2.
    • «Find a mol file with Kegg» functionality is available in Bridge section.
    • «Normalization VdK/Lowess» tool is in production in Data Correction section.
    • «Determine VdK or Lowess» tool permiting chose between linear and lowess is available in Quality Control section.
    • «HR2 formula find a formula for the masses» is deployed in Identification section.
    • «PCA» tool is now available in the Quality Control section.
  • 11-06-2013: Metabolomics Galaxy is in production and full web access.