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Human Nutrition Unit

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Dr Dominique DARDEVET


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Publications 2013-2018

PUBMED  Full List


PUBMED Full List

Peyron M.-A., V. Santé-Lhoutellier, D. Dardevet, M. Hennequin,, D. Rémond, O. François, A. Woda  Adressing various challenges related to food bolus and nutrition with the mastication simulator AM2. Food Hydrocolloids, 2019  

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Jarzaguet M, Polakof S, David J, Migné C, Joubrel G, Efstathiou T, Rémond D, Mosoni  L and Dardevet D . A meal with mixed soy/whey proteins is as efficient as a whey meal in counteracting the aged-related muscle anabolic resistance only if protein content and leucine levels are increased. Food Funct. 2018

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